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What are dental implants?

When a natural tooth is damaged, restoration of the tooth is always the best option – provided the fix is both predictable and cost-effective. When it is not, or when teeth are already missing, dental implants are the next best solution.

Patients with dental implants can eat and socialize with complete confidence. The implants are made of medical-grade titanium – the same material used in orthopedic surgery for bone fractures and joint replacement. And they last a long time, much longer than any other method of tooth replacement (frequently forever).

Why replace a missing or failing tooth?

Many reasons, including diminished chewing efficiency, increased chance of losing a tooth next to the missing one, bone shrinkage in the mouth and increased wrinkles and sags in the face as a result. Not to mention lower confidence in social situations because missing teeth just don’t look very good.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants offer a method for replacing teeth that is as close to natural as possible. Whether a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants do not involve any other teeth in the process.

Bridges and removable partial dentures can also be used to replace teeth, but these methods require that other teeth be used for support. Supporting (“abutment”) teeth must be shaved down, and high levels of stress are placed on these teeth, often resulting in fracture, gum disease, and decay, not to mention bone, tooth and mobility loss.

Also, dental implants never get cavities and never need root canal work.

How long does it take to place a dental implant?

In many situations, the surgical procedure to place a dental implant will take 30 minutes or less.

What do I smile and chew with while my implants are healing?

While waiting for the surrounding bone to heal, a temporary tooth can usually be attached to the implant. The temporary tooth can be made to look pretty natural, but will not make biting contact with other teeth. In some circumstances, it is best not to attach anything to the implant for a while. There are many options for providing you with esthetic, cost-effective, temporary teeth, while your implants heal.

Dental Implant Illustration
Time is allowed for bone to heal and grow around the dental implant. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth.  A support post (abutment) is then placed on the implant and a new replacement tooth (crown) is placed on top of the abutment. In many cases a temporary replacement tooth can be attached to the implant immediately after it is placed. If all of your teeth are missing, a variety of treatment options are available to support the replacement teeth.

I’ve been told I don’t have enough bone for implants. Now what?

The function of jawbone is to hold onto teeth. When teeth are lost, the bone will usually shrink to some degree.

Our office CT scanner is used to perform a 3D evaluation of your bone prior to implant selection and placement. Careful selection of implant size and position helps ensure a successful result in spite of bone loss.

In some instances, bone grafting procedures are recommended to develop a solid foundation for your dental implants.

Click here to read more about bone grafting.

How long do implants last?

Most studies quote success rates for dental implants above 93%, among the highest for any surgical procedure. With routine follow-up visits, implants often last for decades, if not forever.

“Don’t be afraid to Smile.”

For years I’d felt like a part of my body was missing — because my teeth were. My dentist told me that dental implants would make me feel and look a lot better. OK, I said. Now, I’m thrilled. I can smile, eat anything, and enjoy a good laugh with my friends.

Are You Ready To Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants?

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