Bone Grafting in Shoreline WA

Over time, the bone associated with missing teeth shrinks away, a process which can make dental implants difficult.

That’s where grafting comes in. Grafting provides the quality and quantity of bone necessary for the placement of properly sized dental implants. Grafting can also help restore the aesthetic appearance of the face.

In many instances, a bone substitute can be used which will turn into solid living bone as the body heals. In other cases, small sections of bone taken from the area of the chin or jaw will be the best solution. When extensive grafting is necessary, using the patient’s own bone usually gives the best results.

We use advanced regenerative techniques to accelerate bone formation in deficient areas. One method utilizes concentrated “growth factors” obtained from your own blood. Another technique uses a laboratory-synthesized growth factor produced with the latest biogenetic techniques. Grafting is performed in our office surgical suite, usually using IV anesthesia to maximize comfort.

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