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CT Scans / Digital X-rays Dental Examinations

An image of a CS 9300 scanning systemIn all but the simplest cases, CT scans are becoming the standard of care for planning dental implant procedures. North Sound Oral Surgery‘s Cone Beam CT scanner is the most advanced and accurate digital x-ray available, displaying 3D images which can reveal the anatomy in great detail. This allows Dr. Hooe to plan his approach ahead of time, assuring the least invasive path and decreasing risk to nearby structures.

For each patient, the ideal implant size, shape, and position can be pre-determined using treatment planning software. Cone beam CT scans are also invaluable for bone pathology.

Before surgery, cysts, tumors, and other irregularities in the bone can be visualized with accuracy and detail, allowing for efficient surgical planning in the provision of care.

Rather than using mouth trays full of gooey impression material, North Sound Oral Surgery utilizes optical scanning technology which increases comfort and improves the precision and accuracy of the final product.

CT Scan example

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