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Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Tens of thousands of years ago, the size and shape of a human face was quite different than today. Our diet was primitive, so we needed big jaws, strong chewing muscles and lots of teeth. Over time, our jaws lost size as we started eating softer, prepared foods.

But the genes controlling the development of the size and shape of our face are different than those controlling the number and size of our teeth. At this point, these sets of genes are a bit out of synch: many humans find themselves with 32 teeth that will not quite fit into their jaws!

Since wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, they frequently lack the space necessary for proper alignment. There is evidence that wisdom teeth are slowly being eliminated from the gene pool – a number of families have relatives missing one or more wisdom teeth. 

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Wisdom Tooth Information

Archeological studies show that the skulls of early man had lots of space behind the third molars
(wisdom teeth).

Wisdom Tooth Information - Modern Skull

The skulls of modern men lack adequate space behind the third molars (wisdom teeth).

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Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

When someone has pain associated with their wisdom teeth, the reasons for removal are pretty clear. Often, however, wisdom teeth are recommended for removal when there are no symptoms. There are a number of reasons for this, all related to oral and overall health. More specifically:

  • Many studies confirm that wisdom teeth are associated with “deep pocketing” of the gum tissue, a condition that can harbor bacteria, lead to chronic inflammation and release byproducts into the bloodstream that are strongly linked to cardiovascular disease.

  • As the pockets around a tooth deepen, food particles become trapped and the bacteria thrive. This leads to bad breath, tooth decay, and further weakening of the surrounding bone. The molar in front of the wisdom tooth can suffer irreparable harm.

When is the best time to have wisdom teeth removed?

Usually, the best time is before they are fully formed. In most patients, that means between the ages of 16 and 21, when the roots are short, the surrounding bone is soft, and the surrounding gum tissue is likelier to be healthier.

Under these conditions, very little force is required to remove the tooth and healing tends to be both rapid and comfortable, with fewer complications.

If you need to have your wisdom teeth removed call us at North Sound Oral Surgery Phone Number 206-542-1313 to schedule your wisdom teeth consultation with Dr. Hooe.

What Happens After a Wisdom Tooth is Removed?

As the extraction site heals, the tooth socket fills with solid bone and the overlying gum tissue becomes healthy and strong. We use minimally invasive surgical techniques that result in less disturbance of the surrounding tissues, promoting rapid and comfortable healing. 

Wisdom Tooth Scan

This 38 year old shows two serious and common problems in the tooth next to the wisdom tooth:
(1) A deep cavity has formed where the wisdom tooth touches.
(2) Irreversible bone loss has occurred around the roots. The chance of saving this tooth is low,
and any efforts to do so will be costly.

Wisdom Tooth Scan - Shoreline Wisdom Teeth Removal

While a wisdom tooth is developing it is surrounded by a layer of soft tissue called a follicle.
The short roots of the developing tooth are also noted. Wisdom teeth in this stage of development are easiest to remove. Complications are fewest, and healing is fastest.