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Teeth may require extraction for a number of different reasons. Deep cracks, failed restorations, recurring endodontic problems, severe decay, and extensive crowding, are common reasons a tooth may need to be extracted.

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Tooth Extractions Shoreline, WA

Like any surgical procedure, tooth extractions should be performed with the most conservative, minimally invasive methods possible. Extraction techniques that preserve the integrity of the surrounding bone and gum tissue will make tooth replacement easier and more esthetic. Discomfort and swelling will be decreased and healing will be faster. Minimally invasive extraction techniques preserve the integrity of the surrounding bone and gum tissue, making tooth replacement easier and more esthetic. Having extensive training, experience and specialty instrumentation, Dr. Hooe approaches each and every extraction with minimally invasive techniques.

In nature, form follows function. Even when a tooth is removed skillfully, there will be a shrinkage of bone in the area resulting from the loss of the tooth. Socket grafting is a simple and extremely predictable procedure which will prevent the focal bone loss associated with tooth removal. Preserving jaw bone preserves facial support and decreases facial wrinkles. By preserving the jawbone’s shape and form, socket grafting facilitates implant and other methods of tooth replacement. Socket grafting uses the same bone replacement materials utilized in orthopedic and plastic surgery.