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Lumps, bumps, and color changes involving the tissues of the mouth can be a cause for concern. Sometimes, such lesions are harmless. Other times, the unusual area may represent an aggressive process, including oral cancer.

Oral Pathology - Oral Cancer Exam

Any lump, bump, or sore in your mouth that does not disappear in 10 days or less should be evaluated by your family dentist or an oral surgeon. If your dental professional agrees that something looks suspicious, a biopsy may be recommended. A biopsy involves removal of a piece of the suspicious tissue which is then sent for microscopic examination. North Sound Oral Surgery utilizes the specialists in the Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Laboratory at the University of Washington Dental School, to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem.

Please call North Sound Oral Surgery Phone Number 206-542-1313 to schedule your oral pathology consultation with Dr. Hooe.

One of Dr. Hooe’s biopsy cases is posted on the University of Washington ‘s Oral Pathology teaching site. You can view it by clicking here.

Your mouth is an area where changes can be easily seen. Oral cancer and other problems can usually be detected in the early stages. Don’t ignore any suspicious lumps or sores. Should you discover something, make an appointment for a prompt examination. Early treatment may well be the key to complete recovery.