Bone Grafting in Shoreline WA

Over time, the bone associated with missing teeth shrinks away, a process which can make dental implants difficult. 

That’s where grafting comes in. Grafting provides the quality and quantity of bone necessary for the placement of properly sized dental implants. Grafting can also help restore the aesthetic appearance of the face. 

In many instances, a bone substitute can be used which will turn into solid living bone as the body heals. In other cases, small sections of bone taken from the area of the chin or jaw will be the best solution. When extensive grafting is necessary, using the patient’s own bone usually gives the best results. 

We use advanced regenerative techniques to accelerate bone formation in deficient areas. One method utilizes concentrated “growth factors” obtained from your own blood. Another technique uses a laboratory-synthesized growth factor produced with the latest biogenetic techniques. Grafting is performed in our office surgical suite, usually using IV anesthesia to maximize comfort.

Some of the grafting techniques performed here at North Sound Oral Surgery are described below:

dental socket graft illustration

Socket Grafting

When a tooth is removed, the bone at the extraction site tends to collapse inward and shrink over time. However, bone can be maintained and even improved in its volume and density with the addition of bone mineral. The bone mineral is pre-packaged as granules, similar to coarse sand. It is gently packed into the extraction socket and covered with a dissolving collagen sponge. Over the course of three to four months, surrounding natural bone replaces this substance, resulting in the formation of dense, high quality bone for future implant placement

Sinus Grafting

The maxillary sinuses are located behind your cheeks and above your upper back teeth. Sometimes, after an upper back tooth is removed and the socket heals, only a thin layer of bone will remain under the sinus. In this instance, grafting to the area may be necessary before implants can be placed. 

Sinus grafting is a simple process with an excellent success rate. It can often be performed with implant placement as a single procedure. In other cases, if the bone level is very thin, the sinus graft will have to be completed and allowed to heal for several months before implants can be placed.

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Ridge Augmentation

In some cases, especially when teeth have been missing for extended periods of time, the bone remaining in the area may become too narrow and/or too short for implant placement. In these instances, small, carefully prepared and fitted grafts can be placed at the implant sites to provide adequate bone thickness and/or height.

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