Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Across Washington State, dental offices were mandated to close their doors to all but emergency care, due to COVID-19. Near the end of the 8 week shut down the team at North Sound Oral Surgery worked with a small local production company to make this video highlighting our enhanced infection control protocols and commitment to safety. We had a blast making the video and hope you enjoy it! 


Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Like you, we and our respective families are grappling with the “new normal” that COVID-19 has introduced into all of our lives. It’s unfamiliar territory and we hope you and your loved ones are managing. 

Our central focus at North Sound Oral Surgery has not changed: We are committed to providing top quality oral surgery and anesthesia care in a comfortable setting, utilizing the highest standards of safety and infection control.

To ensure the safety of each and every one of our patients and staff members, we have introduced new protocols, above and beyond our standard universal precautions. What to Expect:

  • Prior to being seen, all patients and staff will complete a COVID-19-specific questionnaire, have their temperature taken, and wash hands thoroughly.
  • One patient at a time in the office waiting area (one escort is permitted). Patients and escorts are further encouraged to wait in their car – we will call their cell phone when ready.
  • Once a staff member enters your consultation or treatment room, we will not work with another patient until you have been dismissed.
  • All treatment room and x-ray surfaces will be disinfected twice before a patient enters. Once, immediately following the completion of a procedure or consultation. A second wipe down will be completed in the minutes immediately before you are seated.
  • Along with gloves and proper masks, all surgical staff will use a new (disposable) gown for each patient contact.
  • All patients will be required to use hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse prior to beginning treatment (mouth rinses are thought to decrease the number of microbes encountered during dental procedures).
  • Enhanced air purification has been implemented. First, through a HEPA system capable of trapping particles as small as a virus (not all air filtering systems are effective against viruses). Second, via a “room fogger” which disinfects aerosols / air borne droplets associated with certain procedures.

Most of all, thank you. These new steps are intended to ensure your safety as well as ours and we appreciate your willingness to adhere to these new precautions. We will all get through this together.